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When you’re looking for somewhere to stay on vacation, if you happen to have a tropical destination you will probably come across the terms “Oceanfront,” “Oceanview,” or “Beachfront” – terms used to describe different villas and their location or position relative to the sea. But just what do these seemingly synonymous terms really mean? Let’s breakdown the definition of each one to bring a bit of clarity to your quest for accommodations.

Riviera Maya Oceanfront villas are built directly beside the sea/ocean but have no beaches. This can mean they are built on a cliff next to the sea/ocean, or located in an area without a beach and instead are next to a rocky tide pool or some other type of formation.

These type of villas offer stunning views of the sea/ocean and absolutely an amazing place to relax, but don’t offer direct beach access – you might have to walk or drive your way to find a safe place to get in the water, but you’ll be able to enjoy all the beauties of a marine view from your villa.

In contrast to oceanfront or seafront, oceanview villas have a view of the ocean or sea but are not necessarily located seaside. In fact, Oceanview villas can be many miles from the ocean, perched atop a high cliff or mountain which provides a commanding view of the sea, or they can be in close proximity to the sea.

Oceanview Villas For Rent | Playa Del Carmen

There’s nothing quite like a luxurious vacation in a gorgeous villa where you can overlook the ocean. Imagine waking up to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and walking over to the porch of your villa to watch the awe-inspiring sunrise in complete comfort and privacy. Many people love the idea of staying in a luxury ocean view villa but opt for cheaper accommodations during their stay.

Even if you aren’t a morning person, you’ll be up early to pull your curtains open and watch the first rays peer over the horizon, sparkling over the beautiful sea. The sky, the ocean, and the surrounding scenery will never cease to be incredibly beautiful. You won’t get sick of seeing the breathtaking tropical sky and the magnificent ocean, regardless of how long you will be staying. Start the day off right in a luxury ocean view villa - we promise you it won’t quite be like anything else!

If you’re looking for a comfortable, relaxing beach vacation without too much hyped-up partying, a luxury ocean villa is perfect for you. You’ll get to enjoy private accommodation with breathtaking views. Most of these villas are further up mountains and not close to the resorts on the beach. This means that you’re in for a more private experience with the sea on one side and the green, thriving forest on the other. It’s the perfect nature retreat with modern comforts.

A luxury ocean view villa offers you a lavish stay that you’ll never forget. The modern amenities allow you to spoil yourself while the natural beauty of the surrounding area reminds you that you’re still in nature. Just close your eyes, imagine listening to the crashing sea, and book a villa today!

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